Vegetable smoothies delicious recipes with photos

Smoothies now at the peak of popularity. And use them not only complete vegetarians and athletes, but also those who desperately wants to lose weight. The beauty of it is that the flow goes the whole product. At a time when we make juice, most of it has to send to the trash. And in the crushed condition of the ingredients are better absorbed. We hope that we convinced you, and we will prepare delicious vegetable smoothies.

The word smoothie with English is translated as soft, shy, gentle. Importantly, the technology of its preparation is a good blender that will help you to grind anything. Consume smoothies necessarily through a thick tube. This is a great option for those who are accustomed to eat on the go.

Of course, as any culinary masterpiece, smoothie has its own quirks. Sometimes common for us products begin to behave when mixed very very unusual. For example, ground nut completely lost on the background of cranberry or Apple. With all the trouble last. It quickly oxidize and can spoil the taste and appearance of the most exquisite drink. Not so simple, and ginger. If you overdo the dosage, cocktail get unbearably scorching, and not spicy. In fruit and vegetable smoothies better to add 60% fruit and 40% vegetables. So there remains a balance of sweet and neutral taste.

Recipes for vegetable smoothies

Italian smoothie

You will need:

One root fennel

Pumpkin pulp – 3 medium slices

Lettuce – 150 gr.

Lemon juice – 2 tbsp

Mineral water – 1/3 Cup


Grind all the solid ingredients in blender.

In the end add lemon juice and mineral water. Served with a sprig of greenery.

Organic smoothie

For its preparation you will need:

Cucumbers – 6 PCs.

Beets – 2 pieces

Spinach – 2 bunches

Broccoli – 1 head

Carrot – 1 PC.


Garlic and ginger to taste


Peel vegetables peeled, cut into small pieces and add into the blender. All mix.

Pour in a glass and serve with a stalk of celery.

Fruit and vegetable smoothies

To prepare this healthy and delicious smoothie you will need:

Tomatoes – 4 PCs.

Carrot – 1 PC.

Bell pepper – 2 PCs.

Parsley, dill – 150 gr.

Raisins – 2 tbsp

Orange – 2 PCs.

Celery seeds – 1 tsp

Ice – 1.5 cups


Wash and shred the vegetables.

Then put them in a blender and tightly cover with a lid. Mix first on low speed, gradually increase.

You should have two servings of smoothies. Remember that people suffering from kidney disease and pregnant women should not consume more than ½ teaspoon of parsley a day.

Smoothies opens cooks a lot of opportunities for experimentation. Now you can create unusual flavor combinations and change the texture of the foods.

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