Green tea benefit or harm

About the benefits of green tea there is much talk in the press, on television, in print. Many appreciate it. One of the main advantages of green tea, of course, is its refreshing and thirst-quenching property. In the summer heat, when you feel overwhelmed, lethargic and all attempts to freshen up tried, then brew yourself a Cup of green tea. In addition, he will save you from thirst, he still tone up and energize you for quite a long time.

Processing of tea leaves is carried out in a sparing mode, so green tea

from nature preserves maximum amount of nutrients and minerals. Green tea is a great source of antioxidants, which contains several times more than black tea. Also it eliminates the destructive effects of free radicals on blood cells, removes toxins from the body, helps to slow down the aging process and relieves excessive amount of cholesterol. Green tea is used to prevent serious diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer, maintains the pressure in norm, partially reducing its. Green tea is very good for teeth and gums: strengthens, eliminates bleeding, removes plaque.

Wide application of green tea received in cosmetology. It is used mainly for the manufacture of shampoos and creams.

For what green tea would bring the maximum benefit, you need to know how to choose and brew it.

Need to buy loose leaf Chinese tea. while paying attention to the tightness of the packaging, and shelf-life.

Green tea is preferably brewed soft not boiling water, brought to a temperature of not more than 85 degrees and no longer than 1 minute.

It is not recommended to use plastic and metal utensils for brewing.

Drinking green tea is better hot and not with sugar but with honey.

With all the recommendations for brewing green tea, you’ll not only enjoy an excellent tonic drink, and will always have good mood and good health.

Of course, the obvious benefits of green tea. In most cases, green tea brings only good for your body: care about health and beauty, tones, strengthens the immune system.

Then what is the harm to the body can cause green tea? But the thing is, what it contains, albeit not in large quantities, caffeine can raise blood pressure. This should be considered people with a heightened form of hypertension.

Green tea with Jasmine

Jasmine is a shrub with large beautiful flowers and smells divine. It is used as an additive to teas and used in cosmetics and in the manufacture of perfumes. Since ancient times, women loved to adorn themselves with flowers of Jasmine, which is a great aphrodisiac that attracts men.

Especially in the East Jasmine love as an additive to tea. Jasmine tea is an excellent remedy for fatigue and depression that contains huge amounts of minerals and vitamins. This drink gives the skin a beautiful and healthy complexion, detoxifies and strengthens the heart and blood vessels.

Green tea with milk

Green milk tea is a great diuretic, flushing the kidneys, which removes toxins and wastes from the body. It is very effective and as a means for weight loss. With all the benefits of the body, green tea sometimes brings harm to those that initially increases and then decreases the pressure. To drink green tea with milk should be used with caution for people suffering from hypertension.

Green tea bags

Of course, you can brew green tea bags are very convenient, fast and not so troublesome as the leaf, but no one knows exactly what is contained in these packets. For the production of tea bags are commonly used waste tea leaves, i.e. tea dust. Tea bags has a mild rich taste, color and aroma, so to compensate for these shortcomings, manufacturers use different teas preservatives and dyes. Add to this another and glue to paper. The use of this tea may result from metabolic disorders, problems with teeth and bones, allergic reactions.

Naturally, everyone is waiting for from green tea only for the health benefits and enjoyment from the wonderful aromatic drink. Then don’t try to save time and money, only drink quality green tea .

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Green tea benefit or harm
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