Dark chocolate benefits and harms to health and beauty

Almost all weight loss diet or simply health include limiting sweet dishes. However, this does not mean life should refrain from tempting desserts. Exist and sweets sweets: tips on caring for your teeth . for example, bitter

chocolate, the benefits and harms which are carefully analyzed by nutritionists for decades. Although clearly useful this product is not calling, he has a number of advantages.

Useful cocoa

For many years it was believed that chocolate is one of the most harmful sweets. This product has been accused of negative effects on the liver, teeth and nervous system, chocolate was considered to be the cause of skin rashes and excess weight. Over time, however, scientists have found that sweet milk chocolate and bitter varieties of this delicacy with high cocoa content are very different from each other. And if milk chocolate due to the high sugar content is really harmful to teeth and pancreas Diabetes pancreas – things you need to know . then with bitter chocolate.

First, this product has the unique ability to improve mood. Know that almost all the sweet tooth, preferring to eat life’s problems with a slice or two of chocolate. In cocoa products contains the substance theobromine, which helps in the production of pleasure hormones – endorphins. And the level of stress hormone cortisol the Cortisol – a hormone of the adrenal cortex resulting from the consumption of chocolate, on the contrary, decreases. Because of that, a bit of chocolate is a recognized tool for cheerfulness, good mood and inspiration.

Secondly, the cocoa is rich in magnesium, iron, fluorine, phosphorus, calcium and vitamins. Thanks to that chocolate increases efficiency, helps to concentrate, helps strengthen bone tissue. However, vitamin-mineral complexes is much more efficient from this point of view, but chocolate is, without a doubt, delicious.

Thirdly, theobromine supports the tone of the heart muscle, and the flavonoids found in cocoa products, improve circulation and prevent blood clots. Antioxidants, are also abundantly found in chocolate, strengthen the immune system.

Fourthly, dark chocolate has a low glycemic index and has a positive impact not the pancreas, reducing the risk of developing diabetes.

Fifthly, for the teeth dark chocolate is not only not harmful, but even beneficial due to its antiseptic properties. Eating dark chocolate prevents the appearance of plaque on the teeth.

Sixthly, bitter chocolate is an excellent tool for energy recovery, including post-workout. It will help to cope with fatigue.

Helpful bitterness

It is important to remember that it is useful bitter chocolate, which contains at least 55, preferably 70% cocoa products. Milk chocolate contains too many additives that improve the taste, but does not make the product more useful.

To save on buying dark chocolate it is not necessary. Better to give preference to the products of reputable manufacturers.

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