Cake with apples and cinnamon

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I love when the house smells of baking, from this fragrance even the soul becomes warmer and cozier. And in a house you always want to come back, because the aroma of baking creates a positive mood. I think everyone will agree, the house where you can feel the aroma of baking, always filled with comfort and love. So we often bake and will often

sweet pastries. And today we have on the table sweet muffins with apples, and I added in the cinnamon pastries and got even more fragrant pastries.

Muffins with apples and cinnamon


The recipe for the muffins with apples

For a start it should be said that you can use and egg yolk to make the dough, but the dough will become more severe and more calories, that’s why I used only the protein and the yolk I went to cook shortcrust pie with sorrel.

Egg whites mixed with sugar, pre-slaked with vinegar baking soda and beat with a mixer at maximum speed until complete dissolution of the sugar Continue reading

Ginger tea. How to lose weight with health benefits!

Continuing gingerbread theme (in the previous article we cooked ginger oil ), let’s talk about ginger tea .

If you kept asking «How to lose weight quickly, without straining diets and not wasting money on an unfamiliar supplements, cleanse your body» — that ginger tea is what you need.

And even if you have no extra pounds, still ginger tea will be useful — it will cleanse your body of toxins, parasites, enhance the immune system. And you will notice that you become much more energetic, as the mood has improved. But those who want to lose weight — to achieve the result without much effort (except that periodically have to buy ginger in the evening to prepare ginger tea in a thermos).

An important Continue reading

Desserts at home. Simple and delicious recipes with photos

One of the main dishes on the buffet is the dessert. Without him it is impossible to imagine any holiday or significant event. The final dish, which should leave only the most pleasant impressions after lunch, can be very different — and hot or cold. Desserts at home — it is familiar to us all cakes and pastries, but once the desserts were only available to very rich people and nobles. The common people could not afford to decorate dinner daily, sweet food because of theirhigh cost. As simple desserts, prepared at home, was not — they need to buy. Hence came to us tradition — to serve desserts only on holiday.

Nowadays every self-respecting hostess knows a few recipes for homemade desserts, which allows us to prepare this delicacy not only for holiday, but also to your normal food intake. Is no surprise homemade pie or cake for tea — many hostess is able to prepare several variants of this won Continue reading

Coffee drinks

In Turku put one sugar, pour 3/4 of the capacity of cold water, put on fire. Once the contents of the Turks boils, Turku remove from heat and pour 5—7 grams of finely ground coffee (best to grind coffee beans immediately before cooking). After stirring with a spoon, put on fire and again bring to a boil. Remove from fire, add in Turku water and again put on the fire. Once the coffee is boiling, Turku remove from fire and hot served. If desired, in brewed coffee add sugar.

Coffee Arabe

On the bottom of the Turks poured a spoon of sugar and put on fire. When sugar begins to Carmelitas (gain brown), Turku, pour the water and bring to a boil. After removing from the fire, pour 5—7 grams of finely ground

coffee. put on the fire again and after boiling served to the table. Continue reading

About the benefits of green tea

Green Tea Prevents Disease

Can I use green tea to cure and prevent diseases? Green tea is the subject of extensive scientific and clinical research, through which we hope to identify therapeutic and preventive properties of green tea.

In Chinese medicine the beneficial properties of green tea are already known for over 4,000 years.

Gradually, it began to spread across Asia, becoming an essential element of Asian culture and traditions.

Now know around the world, green tea has become famous, and now everyone will say that green tea is beneficial to health. But do we really know about the healing properties of green tea?

The benefits of green tea (useful properties)

It has been proved that green tea is rich in natural antioxidants. Antioxidants are the path to better health.

They neutralize free radicals, thereby providing anti-aging support to the body. Antioxidants in green Continue reading

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