Medicinal properties of PU-erh tea

Puer is a tea, the value of which increases with age, and the taste and aroma over time, become more rich, dense and strong.

On the effectiveness of the therapeutic properties of Puer has no equal, it is called the tea of beauty, harmony and eternal youth.

PU-erh beneficial effect on the digestive organs, stomach, intestines, normalizes metabolism, breaks down fatty fiber, removes accumulated harmful substances and thus purifies the blood, liver, reduces cholesterol in the blood. If you make the infusion stronger, then you can get rid of the strong of stomach upset. As a result of the constant consumption of PU-Erh

normal weight, eliminate constipation, improves skin condition, there is a “rejuvenation” of the body. The impact of Puer warm, soothing, it is low in caffeine, so it is good to drink in the evening.

The most common method of preparation: rinse the teapot with boiling water, to fill it in tea rate of one to two teaspoons per 250 – 300 ml water, add water 100C and let stand 3 to 4 minutes, then pour the infusion into chahi (in all the cups, the taste and strength of the infusion were the same) and then pour into cups. To taste you can add chrysanthemum tea, honey, milk.

PU-erh can also be boiled in water or milk. The more fat content in milk, the calorie and saturated get a drink.

Puer tea was known in China as a medicinal drink. Many modern clinical studies have confirmed the improvement in the functions of digestion, metabolism acceleration, lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood, and weight loss with regular consumption of PU-erh.

In particular, in studies of Kunming University, Yunnan, China) the effect of PU-erh was compared with the influence of special medical drugs to lower cholesterol (lipids) in the blood – the so-called PCIB (Pisoiu). After two months of research in the group that drank Puer, registered a fall in the level of blood cholesterol on average by 64% and in group, taking PCIB – 67%.

Many similar studies have been conducted in France, where the level of popularity of Puer is the highest in Europe. In 1987, scientists at the medical College of St. Anthony and the hospital Henrietta conducted research in small groups, and in 1990 the French medical research Association ARMA has conducted a large international study on patients with high cholesterol, adding to the group of 145 French 45 5 Spaniards and Belgians. The results were astounding – after three months of daily consumption of puerh cholesterol research participants decreased by 30-60%!

In these studies, the researchers decided to focus on the effect of regular consumption of PU’er on patients with excess weight. The results here were stunning – such patients have lost 4 to 7 kg per 5 to 10 kg – for two and up to 12 kg in three months use of the Puer, at the same time waist they decreased by 10-31 see After these studies Puer became increasingly used as one of the elements, and often even as a basis, a variety of diets and programs of loss of weight.

All of the above studies pertain, primarily, Shu (ready) puerh. However, traits such as lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood and improve metabolism characteristic for both Shu and young Sheng puerh. And Shu PU-erh, like Sheng PU-erh is a long exposure, is also wonderful and extremely positive effect on the digestive system.


Held in 80-ies of XX century in France, studies have shown that raw PU-erh tea reduces the level of cholesterol in blood and prevents compaction of the walls of blood vessels. According to popular in China and among connoisseurs of Puer worldwide opinion, this tea helps to digest fatty food, quench your thirst, hangover and food poisoning. The effects on the body similar to birch tar.

The Puer and can cause damage with excessive consumption. It is not recommended to drink raw PU-erh erh, as it “hurts” the stomach.

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