Mask with cocoa butter for hair – tested recipes!

Love to pamper yourself with something delicious? And a piece of chocolate adds a nice mood? On earth, perhaps, not to find a person who will give these questions a negative answer. Since then, as people became familiar with the unique properties of the fruit of the cacao tree, this product is consumed everywhere and not only as the main

ingredient of cooking beloved chocolate. Did you know that mask with cocoa hair is also for them a kind of “treat”?

The beneficial properties of cocoa beans

Of course, we are not talking about the delightful taste of cocoa beans. But it turns out that they contain numerous natural components that are able to “cure” and the most favorable way to influence the state of the hair shafts. And explains everything is very simple – in this product in addition to the caffeine contained an incredible amount of organic amino acids, tannins, natural sugars, proteins and fats.

Powder and butter obtained from cocoa beans, have a unique ability to nourish hair from within, giving them power. Thanks to the application of homemade masks containing this product, the hair begins to actively grow, become thicker, not whipped at the tips. In addition, cocoa is perfectly strengthens hair roots and stimulates blood circulation of the skin of the head.

Complex masks with cocoa is useful even if you have gorgeous, healthy hair, as a preventive measure. As for liquid, weakened by numerous staining, brittle, dull and lifeless hair, theres no medicinal chocolate mask is not indispensable.

Chocolate mask for strengthening hair

Apply chocolate kefir mask with a new one every three, and preferably 2 days, for three months. And you can cook yourself hair mask with cocoa and yogurt is absolutely easy.

First you need to dial 1 tsp cocoa powder and dissolve it in 1 tsp of warm water. You then separately beat the raw egg yolk and add it to the “chocolate water”. All a good stir, pour 100 grams of low-fat yogurt, and again mix thoroughly.

The resulting mass should lightly RUB into the roots, to wear a special hat made of polyethylene, wrapped up my head with a towel and hold it for 40 minutes. Then you need a good wash hair with shampoo several times.

Mask with cocoa butter for hair growth

If you apply the mixture prepared according to this recipe, hair loss will begin to grow faster, but will have an active, radiant Shine.

To cook a chocolate mask is a snap. Need to mix 1 tbsp of any vegetable oils and 2 tbsp cocoa (powder or oil). Slightly warm the mixture on a water bath, slowly add the lightly beaten egg yolk, one Cup of low-fat yogurt and mix everything to obtain a homogeneous mass consistency.

Then the mass should be applied to the scalp and to the ends of the hair, cover with plastic and wrap up in warmth. In an hour the head must be washed thoroughly using normal shampoos and conditioners.

Revitalizing mask with cocoa-based vegetable oil

Since we are talking about the restoration of stained, damaged, dry and brittle hair rods, better to use in this recipe either castor or burdock oil.

For the preparation of a restorative treatment mask you need to mix a tablespoon of cocoa powder in two tbsp. spoons of the chosen oil. Then this mixture should be warm a bit, as usual, in a water bath and connect with one beaten egg yolk.

Next, the resulting hair mask with cocoa rubbed into the roots, the head is covered with polyethylene and wrapped in a towel. After 40 minutes (can be kept and the hours) need to wash the hair with regular shampoo.

To achieve the best result, apply the mask with cocoa and vegetable oil twice a week for 2-2,5 months.

Vitamin hair mask with butter from cocoa beans

For care of hair, you can use not only the powder, the butter obtained from cocoa beans. Sold by such treatment of aromatic oil at any pharmacy, so purchase it will not be easy. Apply complex homemade mask against hair loss with cocoa butter. to give them a natural Shine to stimulate active growth and to treat weak, dry hair and split ends.

For example, to make treatment and vitamin mask for weakened hair. you need to connect the heated cocoa butter (2-3 tbsp), organic burdock (2-3CT.l.), grapefruit essential oil (3 drops) and an oil of a vitamin solution (5 drops of vitamins A and E).

The resulting mixture is rubbed into the roots and then spread evenly over the length. Then the hair should be wrapped in the warmth of not less than one and a half, two hours. When the allotted time has elapsed, the head should be carefully, several times using the shampoo, to wash.

The course consists of 14 sessions that need to be carried out weekly once or twice.

In addition to the suggested recipe cocoa butter is also used in other mixtures, replacing them with cocoa powder.

Follow our advice, and very soon you will see truly magical properties of cocoa, thanks to which the hair is filled with health and become gorgeous.

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