How to make milkshakes

Prepare properly milkshakes and delicious milk drinks at home. Milkshakes are popular all over the world, especially in the hot summer weather. And not surprising, because a cool milkshake can not only quench your thirst, it is also very tasty and healthy, especially prepared at home. And so how to make milkshakes at home? Move on to the recipes of the cocktails.

The composition milkshake

In the composition of the milk shake is milk and milk products: yogurt, kefir, curdled milk, cream, regular ice cream with fresh or frozen berries (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, cherries, etc.), various fruits (bananas, oranges, kiwi, pineapple, etc.), chocolate, vanilla sugar, honey, ginger, mint, cinnamon, etc. To the milkshake was refreshing and cool, put ice cubes or ice cream. Now, helpful tips and recipes and the composition of the miracle milkshake.


To cook a delicious milkshake is very easy, knowing the recipes of the composition which is to have a milkshake. To do this, take a separate bowl, mix all the ingredients of your cocktail and whip. For whipping suitable blender, mixer or shaker.

Dress will suit any milk, but it is best to take average fat content (about 2.5%). Make milk easier usualas, it should be cool. Sugar can be replaced by fructose (sweetener), in this case fructose will require 2 times less than sugar in the recipe, because fructose is several times sweeter than sugar. Milkshakes on the basis of fructose can also be used for people patients diabetes.

In advance, prepare the ice for a milkshake: ice in the molds for ice clean water (in the freezer).

Whisk in thick foam:

blender: the maximum speed, for about half a minute;

mixer: 2 – 3 speed for 5 min;

shaker: intense beat for 6 to 7 minutes;

After whipping milkshake need to drain to remove excess ice and if there is, seeds from fruits. Milkshake cool drink, immediately after cooking, otherwise it will lose its original taste.

Milkshakes at home, recipes

Simple recipes milkshakes at home.

Milkshake Easier

Preparing to prepare the cocktail: blender, mixer or shaker, glasses for cocktails.

The composition milkshake:

the average milk fat content (2,5%);

conventional ice cream “Sundae” or “100% ice Cream” – 200 g;

Add 2 cubes of ice and fruit topping if desired. All shake vigorously (blender, mixer or shaker) and pour into glasses for cocktails. All delicious milkshake made at home ready!

Milkshake Strawberry

Preparing to prepare the cocktail: blender, mixer or shaker, glasses for cocktails.

The composition milkshake:

the average milk fat content (2,5%) – 200 ml;

regular ice cream – 400 g;

the pulp of bananas – 350 g;

Put in a container for whipping cream, pour the milk and finally add the banana pulp. The resulting mixture was thoroughly whisk until the formation of fluffy and thick foam and pour into prepared dishes (glasses for cocktails).

The Taste of summer cocktail

Preparing to prepare the cocktail: blender, mixer or shaker, glasses for cocktails.

The composition milkshake:

sugar 50 – 100g. You can take the sugar and vanilla sugar (50:50), one vanilla sugar is not recommended to take it, because the taste of vanilla can kill the taste of the fruit;

fresh berries, fruits – 100 – 200 g;

milk – 500 ml;

Pour in a container of sugar, add berries, fruit and grind. Then pour in milk and whisk everything until smooth. Pour the finished cocktail on the prepared containers. Ready!

Milk drink for coffee lovers

Preparing for cooking milkshake with coffee: blender, mixer or shaker, glasses for cocktails.

The composition milkshake:

milk – 150 ml;

sugar – 2 teaspoons;

regular ice cream – 60 g;

instant coffee – 6 g;

normal (clean) water – 100 ml;

To make coffee (without sugar), cool. Milk to mix with cold coffee, add sugar, ice cream, pour water and mix on low speed until smooth. The drink is ready!

Delicious milk drink

The composition milkshake:

sugar – 2st.l.;

milk – 200 ml;

brandy – 50 ml;

normal (clean) water – 2 to 3 tbsp;

Prepare the caramel: 2 tbsp sugar and 2 – 3 tbsp of water. All this pour 500 ml of boiling fresh milk and put over medium heat until caramel is melted. Ready milk is served hot. When applying to each portion of the beverage is added 1 tsp of cognac. It is incredibly delicious!

These milkshakes and drinks at home is loved by both adults and children. Treat yourself, loved ones, friends or guests with this delightfully tasty and affordable drink! Now you know the recipe of how to make milkshakes at home, at home, is to strengthen the knowledge of the video and practice, good luck!

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