How to make homemade bar ingredients to taste

If you haven’t drank all that we recommended buying in the last article. congratulations, you have an enviable willpower or perhaps dislike of pure

spirits. Just wait a bit — here is the list that you want to go, to finally prepare for a career host-bartender: the ingredients that complement and dilute the strong part of the cocktail. Outset: among the variety of liquors we have selected only needed for a classic bar card base, leaving aside the Chartreuse and Sambuca, Drambuie and KSU KSU.

Cointreau/Triple Sec




What happens in each refrigerator:

Juices. Since we’ve already recommended you to buy squeezer and Madler. the number paketierung juices it is better to minimize. Say, orange juice it is better to make orange, but tomato juice in «Bloody Mary» push hands — a thankless job. Lemon juice — not a problem with squitero and squeeze pineapple juice — it’s really quite perverse. So purchase basic options — pineapple, tomato, maybe lime (if you mind the money for limes). Lazy is recommended to take an orange and lemon juices — if she has no strength to press their svizera.

Fruit. A complete set of citrus — limes, lemons, oranges. All this is necessary not only to please yourself and friends fresh juices, but also for decorating cocktails — a strip of peel will give a completeness to any drink.

Ice. No ice even at home cocktail bar is not open. So take it seriously. Ice can freeze in special packages (if you kitchen lying around the icemaker in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. But here’s a life hack — ice turns out good, if you freeze water in packs of juice, and then good chop in large chunks. He and melts slowly, and looks spectacular.

Spices . Sauce «Tabasco» perhaps there is not in every kitchen, but salt and pepper for sure.

The sugar syrup. It is customary in Russia to make smoothies a little sweeter than in the civilized world, so 5-10 grams of sugar syrup will not be superfluous in any classic recipe, and in the classics syrup meets through time. The syrup is simple — sugar and hot water, mix in 1:1 ratio and leave to cool. The syrup is ready. Some cocktails in our time syrup substitute «Grenadine», who also can be purchased on the occasion — in General, flavored syrups sold a great many, but all of this is, frankly, evil. And by the way, somewhere — in the same old fashion — you will need a syrup, and a sugar cube, which is crushed with a bar spoon or Middleton.

Tonics, sodas, soda. Necessary for obvious things like gin and tonic and rum and coke. Soda, actually, it’s just water. But not from the tap.

Cream. The dude in home bar essential cream. A bar without a white Russian — not a bar. Milk is also be liked.

Eggs. Yes, raw eggs in a smoothie. Try to buy quality, don’t skimp on the category.

The decorative elements. Decorations — olives, cherries, mint leaves and other beauties that do not affect the taste, but showing the seriousness of intentions.

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