Green tea benefits and harms

To describe green tea invented a lot of poetic comparisons. It is often called the elixir of youth, health and even immortality. Each epithet has a factual basis.

Just how really helpful green tea and how to drink it properly?

Green tea: characteristics and properties

In terms of vitamins, it is not inferior biological additives. This tea

contains zinc (needed throughout the body and is especially needed for pregnant women), catechin (protects against cancer), tannin (regulates metabolism), potassium (strengthens the cardiovascular system), iodine (normalizes the endocrine system), vitamin e (vital for strengthening blood vessel walls) and some other substances.

Green tea worse than coffee invigorates, tones and gives strength and energy.

Effect on the body. The benefits of green tea and its potential harm

Green tea has a positive effect on the body and very effective green tea for weight loss .

One of the most important properties of green tea is its ability to accelerate the metabolism. Normal metabolic processes lead to the normalization of digestion and timely breakdown of fat and eliminate toxins. The peculiarity of the action of tea is that it suppresses hunger and suppresses appetite, well-calms the nervous system.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants. Molecule antioxidants have the ability to glue damage to cells and bind destructive reactions in the body that is effective in the prevention of many diseases.

However, green tea has it’s disadvantages. It contains a lot of purines, which are capable of forming toxic urea. It is dangerous for people suffering from arthritis and rheumatism.

This tea also contains many stimulating substances: caffeine, theophylline, theobromine, which are unfavorable for people with a weak heart. The abuse of strong tea threatens insomnia, increased irritability and undue fatigue and weakness.

Types of green tea

Varieties of green tea are many. However, all varieties have one thing in common: in the manufacturing process they undergo special treatment, allowing you to save valuable qualities and healing properties, and do not undergo fermentation.

There are several basic types of green tea.

Weakly twisted tea “unchi” looks like grass. This so-called flat teas, dried in the natural way. Heavily curled leaves on the transverse axis are labeled as “gunpowder”, and in China they are called pearly. Heavily curled leaves along the longitudinal axis have the form of procrastination. Leaf roll increases the shelf life of welding, allows you to adjust the allocation of leaf essential oils and other useful components.

Green tea is loose leaf, small leaf (broken), cored and tiled. Highest quality loose leaf tea.

The best varieties and species of green tea produced in China and Japan. Ceylon and Indian teas are a much lower quality.

How to brew green tea

Brewing tea is hot but not boiling water for about 60-90 degrees for 1-3 minutes, for some varieties up to 5 minutes.

Brewing is necessary in a porcelain dish. Preparing the tea should be coated on the surface of the foam, which contains essential oils.

For one Cup of the required teaspoon of tea leaves. To it can brew up to five times (preferably be limited to three zavarivanje). Each subsequent brewing should be carried out in less time than the previous one, and the water temperature should be higher.

Properly certified tea should be pistachio color with a pleasant aroma, tart and slightly bitter taste. After brewing the green tea remains far more nutrients than black.

Green tea is associated with sugar, which kills all its useful properties. If desired, it is better to replace sugar with honey.

How much can and should drink green tea in a day

To abuse the wonderful elixir is not worth it. Daily consumption of green tea should not exceed 4 to 5 cups.

Japanese scientists have deduced the optimal level of green tea a day is necessary to achieve a lasting effect of weight loss is six cups. However, if you have a stomach ulcer or pregnant or more than three cups loosely brewed tea can not drink.


The Chinese, being the guru of green tea, as a flavoring for green tea use only Jasmine flowers and less of Magnolia. They believe that all other aromas and flavors interrupt and spoil the real taste of tea. And it is never self-respecting Chinese person would have to drink tea with artificial flavors.

By the way, in the East don’t drink green tea with sweets or sandwiches. There is thought that a good green tea can be just by itself.

Interesting facts about green tea

The extract of this tea are used in quality products, cosmetology. And they are also used in pharmacology for the manufacture of drugs for the treatment of various diseases, including cancer.

The paste of leaves is suitable for cleaning teeth because it has a disinfecting effect and contains fluoride.

Dry green tea can be chewed to cope with nausea. Wash green tea eye conjunctivitis.

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