Green tea benefits and harms, medicinal properties and contraindications

Green tea is a traditional middle Eastern drink, with a history spanning several millennia. However, on the shelves of Russian stores packaging with green tea appeared relatively recently, only 30-40 years ago. This drink can be treated differently, believing it to be medicine or poison. And in that and in other case you would be right, since green tea is able not only to make the person comfortable and to relieve him from various diseases, but also cause of their occurrence. The thing is that the leaves of this plant contains a huge number of active substances, which in small doses improve the function of various organs of the body. But if their concentration in the blood exceeds maximum permissible norm, it can cause

serious health problems. Therefore, there is a generally accepted rule that says that a day to drink not more than 3 cups of green tea, otherwise it is unlikely that you can count on excellent health.

The composition of green tea

Tea leaves contain huge amounts of vitamins and minerals needed by the human body. First of all, it is the alkaloids that small doses stimulate the brain and nervous system, are responsible for the vigor, surge of physical strength and increase the activity of the whole organism. One of the most famous alkaloids caffeine is present in coffee. It contains in green tea, but not in pure form, and is called tenine. Its effects on the body much milder than caffeine. However, overdose tenina can lead to serious disturbances in the internal organs.

In addition, the green tea is quite a lot of polyphenols, the mechanism of action of which on the human body are not yet fully understood. However, we know that they are able to suppress malignant tumor cells and to stimulate the heart muscle.

We should also say that fresh green tea contains a huge amount of minerals, which are a kind of “building material” for the human body, and supply must be constantly replenished. Tea is the perfect remedy. Plus, this drink is rich in vitamins b, K, A, PP and D, and also is a kind of record for the content of vitamin C in 100 ml of green tea about the same amount and in the same amount of natural lemon juice. In addition, the composition of green tea contains 17 different amino acids, which are responsible not only for the process of breakdown of fats and carbohydrates, but also stimulate the regenerative functions of the body. Do not also forget that green tea is one of the sources of vegetable protein, and in two cups of this drink contains half the daily requirement, necessary for normal functioning of the adult organism.

Useful properties of green tea

The green tea many advantages, the main of which are absorbent quality of this drink. It is able to bind to the toxins and different harmful substances, taking them out of the body naturally. This is why green tea should be drunk with food poisoning and in the case when you want to get rid of toxins. Moreover, this drink perfectly cleans virtually all internal organs, it promotes the removal of sand and stones from the kidneys, reducing the amount of bilirubin in the liver, increases intestinal peristalsis and helps with constipation . In addition, green tea has excellent diaphoretic properties and are often drink for cosmetic purposes, persons in need of effective pore cleaning of the skin and improve its structure.

To the beneficial properties of green tea include its ability of excretion of radioactive substances. Scientists have proven that this drink helps to reduce the radiation dose during irradiation, so it is recommended to drink people who have undergone radiotherapy, live in environmentally unsafe areas, or engaged in hazardous work. For this reason, green tea should be included in the daily diet of people who are spending too much time in front of the TV or computer monitor . In addition, this drink is very beneficial for the organs of sight and normalizes the digestive system. It is scientifically proven that when the pain in the intestines and stomach related illnesses such as ulcers or gastritis, helps it is hot green tea, which not only has analgesic properties, but also promotes healing of mucosal lesions of the organs of the digestive system.

It is highly beneficial effects of green tea on the nervous system. Thanks to the unique complex of vitamins and minerals, this drink helps to effectively cope with stress, chronic fatigue and depression. A Cup of green tea daily drink in the morning provides a good mood and increases efficiency of the whole organism. However, if this drink be consumed in the evening, it will help to overcome insomnia and to ensure complete relaxation of the body.

Green tea and blood pressure

Green tea is very beneficial for the cardiovascular system, it prevents the formation of plaque, strengthens the heart muscle and increases the overall tone of the whole organism. Interestingly, this drink is also helps both hypertensive and hypotensive, as it has the property of normalization of blood pressure . Due to the high content of amino acids green tea is recommended to include in your daily diet people suffering from problems of overweight and metabolic disorders in the body.

Green tea in pregnancy

Despite their utility as expectant mothers do not get involved with this drink, as it can cause increased tone of the uterus, which often leads to premature birth. It is believed that during pregnancy you should limit the consumption of green tea one Cup a day, and a few weeks before the birth and even refuse from this drink. Do not abuse green tea and during lactation, as included in its composition tannin very negative impact on the nervous system of kids, making them cranky and restless. However, green tea enhances lactation, so allowed to drink this drink 1 Cup a day to activate the mammary glands. However, in order to minimize the negative effects of tannin on the child’s body, is to dilute the brewed green tea with cow or goat milk in a ratio of one 1:1.

Harm green tea and contraindications

If you drink green tea in limited quantities, as a rule, it does not cause any side effects and health problems. The exceptions are people with individual intolerance of tannin and caffeine. Many don’t even know it, but if after a Cup of green tea you feel nausea or chills, from the use of this drink is best abandoned . Some green teas contain purines – substances that contribute to the deposition of salts in the body. Therefore, green tea should not be drunk by people suffering from gout, arthritis or rheumatism. In addition, green tea is absolutely contraindicated in anemia because it inhibits the absorption of iron.

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