Ginger tea. How to lose weight with health benefits!

Continuing gingerbread theme (in the previous article we cooked ginger oil ), let’s talk about ginger tea .

If you kept asking «How to lose weight quickly, without straining diets and not wasting money on an unfamiliar supplements, cleanse your body» — that ginger tea is what you need.

And even if you have no extra pounds, still ginger tea will be useful — it will cleanse your body of toxins, parasites, enhance the immune system. And you will notice that you become much more energetic, as the mood has improved. But those who want to lose weight — to achieve the result without much effort (except that periodically have to buy ginger in the evening to prepare ginger tea in a thermos).

An important caveat — do not store the ginger roots in the fridge, they go bad. Ginger stored at room temperature in the shade.

And yet, ginger is contraindicated: ulcers, pregnancy, breastfeeding, gall stones, duodenal ulcer, high fever, esophageal reflux, gastro-intestinal diseases in the acute stage, ulcerative colitis.

Don’t need to drink ginger tea to children under 7 years.

Ginger tea — ancient Oriental drink. In China it is used for over 3,000 years.

If you start to consume ginger for the first time, do concentration of ginger tea less. The first time ginger tea may cause a sensation of heat and slightly increase the pressure, then it passes.


Grate the ginger on a coarse grater, grind in a blender or chop with a knife into small pieces. Grated ginger 2 tablespoons to 1 liter of water, and sliced – 3-4 tablespoons.

In a thermos, pour the ginger with boiling water (at night). If the capacity of your thermos of less than 1 litre no problem — tea will be more concentrated. Just then add in a Cup of tea water.

The morning tea is ready — you will drink during the day. Liter divide by the capacity of the Cup — makes 4 cups per day — and that is enough.

After a week of drinking ginger tea take a week break.

Drink ginger tea in a glass in between meals. Mandatory condition — small SIPS!

If you lose weight — we take breaks between meals at least 3, and preferably 4 hours. In the middle of an interval drink a glass of ginger tea in small SIPS.

Drink ginger tea to your health! Add to diversity and enhance the effect of the lemon juice and honey — and get a fantastic experience!

PS: M enja began to ask whether it is possible to lose weight use say green tea with ginger. No, this tea for weight loss ineffective.

Drink it just like that.

And still asked the question, can I use instead of ginger root ground dry ginger (especially because the root is not always possible to find).

Yes, you can! I recommend high quality and quite affordable Ground Ginger Austrian company Kotanyi.

Ginger tea — that intestinal worms death. Just brew powder (1 tablespoon per Cup) per day and drink 2 glasses.

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