Carob – the benefits and harms, useful properties

Chocolate lovers hard to refuse next slices. Even in favor of harmony. And no need! Try carob! This is an amazing product that not only has many useful properties, but also easy to replace the coveted chocolate.

Carob is a powder Carob (Ceratonia green). Not so long ago it became known in the diets as an alternative to cocoa and chocolate. Also used in the confectionery industry instead of sugar. In medicine is applied to the antitussive and as an auxiliary substance in other drugs. The history of the use of carob in food is approximately 5 000 years, and that says a lot.

The taste of carob is slightly similar to cocoa, but, depending on the

degree of roast has a different aftertaste. Looks different pale pink shade. On useful properties equals, and even surpasses the famous drink.

Growing carob?

Homeland Carob is considered the Mediterranean where it was originally wild. From there the carob trees were taken to Australia, and began to cultivate the culture.

The ability of this tree for a long time to go without water, and it is well to bear fruit, allowed to grow in arid climates. But the main producers and suppliers of carob remain Italy, Spain, Turkey, Portugal. In smaller quantities it imports Malta, Cyprus, Australia. Not to buy a fake, pay attention to the manufacturer.

The benefits of carob

1. Carob is rich in antioxidants that prolong youth. The reason is simple. Antioxidants bind free radicals that lead to aging, and do not let them destroy skin cells. Let their number is slightly smaller than the cocoa, but carob has other properties, which cocoa can only dream of.

2. Carob does not contain caffeine inherent in the cocoa, so it can be drunk not only for people with high blood pressure, but also children and pregnant women. This substance together with salsolinol is addictive, which explains the persistent affection of a sweet tooth for chocolate and its derivatives. Theobromine, which is full of cocoa beans, is responsible for emotional stability, and its absence in carob is not threatened by mood swings. On the contrary, a drink made from this powder has a calming effect.

3. Fats in carob 10 times less than in cocoa. The sweetness provide sucrose and fructose. It gives the right to be considered carob diet. Thanks to low fat products, which part of the cocoa was replaced by gum (thickener E-410, it’s the extract from the fruit of the Carob tree), have a longer shelf life. Oxidizing fat, giving the product an unpleasant rancid taste. Carob is deprived of this ability, so the longer product does not deteriorate.

4. All the vitamins and minerals (and they are many) are easily digested. Which is not true of the same minerals contained in cocoa. Therefore, the benefits of carob obvious.

5. Fiber, though in small amounts contained in the powder, enhances digestion, and paired with antioxidants rids the body of harmful substances, including toxins. According to historical records, extant, the fruits of Ceratonia was used in ancient times as an antiseptic. When poisoning and diarrhea (especially in children) carob is also used as emergency assistance.

6. Regular consumption of the beverage from a powder Carob lowers the cholesterol in the blood, so it can be used for prevention of cardiovascular diseases. And that’s why cocoa lovers should look for a similar alternative.

7. Carob is sweeter than cocoa. The mixed drink requires no added sugar because carob contains a large amount of natural sucrose, fructose and glucose, BUT diabetics should be used with caution carob, roasted carob, because the amount of sugars will be lower.

8. Decrease the synthesis of greyline, – the hormone that controls hunger – carob helps reduce appetite. Therefore, in your diet he successfully replace synthetic sweeteners. And a Cup of drink, lunch or afternoon tea.

The advantages of carob can be attributed hypoallergenic. However, it is wise to consult with a doctor and make allergodil before sipping exotic product. Possible idiosyncrasy.

Data about the harmful effects of carob on the body no doctors. But, in any case, observe the measure.

Carob: raw, roasted or syrup?


The fruits of Ceratonia conveniently stored in pods. In them the useful minerals are retained in full. Before use, break up the dried fruit into pieces and grind in a coffee grinder. Cook conveniently in Turka like coffee.


On sale you can find raw carob and roasted. What to choose depends on personal preference:

The sweetest powder is not roasted. It has a light pinkish-beige hue, and the taste is far from chocolate.

Powder mild roast – it is often issued for raw – it has a slight caramel flavor. To distinguish it from a non-roasted by a darker color and a little sourness.

Medium roasted carob different dark chocolate color and a characteristic odor. In the taste there is bitterness inherent in dark chocolate.

Pay attention to the degree of roasting, because the sugar content in the roasted powder is lower than in cheese.

The powder can be used in cooking your favorite dishes and desserts, such as pancakes, smoothies or muffins. How to cook delicious and healthy desserts made with carob, read the article .


From the fruits of Ceratonia do not just powder. The carob syrup is used as a natural sweetener. It has all the useful properties of the powder, but has a higher concentration of sugars. Therefore, people suffering from fructose intolerance should not use this form in its purest form. In addition, the syrup may slightly increase the level of sugar in the blood, which is important to consider patients with diabetes mellitus.

Carob — the caloric and nutritional value

Calorie carob is only 222 calories per 100 grams. powder. For comparison, the cocoa, the figure is 428 calories.

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