Cake with apples and cinnamon

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I love when the house smells of baking, from this fragrance even the soul becomes warmer and cozier. And in a house you always want to come back, because the aroma of baking creates a positive mood. I think everyone will agree, the house where you can feel the aroma of baking, always filled with comfort and love. So we often bake and will often

sweet pastries. And today we have on the table sweet muffins with apples, and I added in the cinnamon pastries and got even more fragrant pastries.

Muffins with apples and cinnamon


The recipe for the muffins with apples

For a start it should be said that you can use and egg yolk to make the dough, but the dough will become more severe and more calories, that’s why I used only the protein and the yolk I went to cook shortcrust pie with sorrel.

Egg whites mixed with sugar, pre-slaked with vinegar baking soda and beat with a mixer at maximum speed until complete dissolution of the sugar crystals and the increase of the weight twice and even three times.

If you are not using it in baking soda, then replace it with the baking powder, the effect will be the same. In protein mass add pre-sifted flour and ground cinnamon and beat again either at low speed or replaceable nozzles in the mixer. As a result, you should have batter on density resembles dough for pancakes on kefir.

That’s all the dough for Apple muffins. In order to give even more flavour to your baked goods, can add to the dough a tablespoon of brandy or rum, believe me cupcakes turn out very flavorful. Now, let’s prepare the apples, they need to be washed, remove the seeds, and after cut into small pieces. Can peel, but I like to use apples with the skin. Moreover, the apples fresh, with dad’s garden, tasty and juicy.

For baking I used silicone molds. Generally, this form should not be lubricated, but I don’t like risk, so always coat the cells form oil or butter or vegetable. At this time, took vegetable oil (refined). In a greased form, pour a tablespoon of dough, put some apples

and on top of apples again pour a tablespoon of dough. The form of silicone pre-set on baking sheet or grid, then you can easily able to move it in the oven. Sent cupcakes with apples in the preheated oven.

Heat the oven to 180⁰ degrees and bake the muffins for about 30 minutes. The willingness of cupcakes, you can check with a wooden skewer or a match, it need to plug into a finished product, and if there are no remaining pieces of dough, then baking finished.

The finished muffins with apples and cinnamon, sprinkle with powdered sugar and served up to a Cup of tea.

My dear I ask you for a Cup of tea, enjoy it!

For the recipe and step by step photos of the cooking muffins with apples thank Clavano.

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