Best seasonal recipes with tea Tian-Zhen

You thought about what time of year you often want to pour yourself a Cup of tea? Maybe in the chilly winter evening, to finally warm up and recover after a long journey home from work? Or in the autumn chill, when a fine rain drizzles all day long, and so not enough of the summer sun?

“Tian-Zhen” knows the taste of elite Chinese tea does not depend on the season of preparation, and the benefits of

Chinese tea is undeniable. But if the classic infusion add some fruit or floral notes, tea richer. And therefore we made for you a selection of the best seasonal recipes, tea.

Summer teas

Recipes summer tea variety. In summer, the tea party successfully fit Chinese Oolong tea. A subtle floral or caramel flavors, chilled Oolong and without additives would be great to quench your thirst and to lighten the mood. But if you want to treat yourself to a berry drink, make for Oolong strawberry-lemon syrup.

You will need: milk Oolong tea, Cup of strawberries, ¼ Cup sugar ¼ Cup water zest of one lemon. To prepare the syrup, you need to mix sugar, sliced strawberries, zest and water and bring the mixture to a boil over medium heat. The syrup to cool in the fridge and mix to taste with brewed tea. Pour milk Oolong tea need not too hot water up to 80°C.

Winter teas

The main ingredients of recipes winter tea – cinnamon, ginger, cloves, citrus. The best basis for the preparation of beverages in the cooler months – strong black tea.

You will need: Chinese black tea, Apple, orange, sticks of cloves.

Thin slices of apples to be dried in the oven. Then lard orange sticks cloves. When all inputs are ready, brew tea (Chinese black tea need water temperature of 95°C!). As soon as the infusion will acquire a deep color, it can be poured into cups, spreading them in dried apples and orange-clove slices.

Spring teas

Spring is the time when you want to fill your body with vitamins. Best fit for this Chinese green tea. Very successfully with it will be combined thrown into the kettle small leaves of currant or raspberry, fresh mint. Young leaves are rich in vitamins C, A, B1 and E. But brewing them with boiling water is not necessary. As for Chinese green tea, for them to fit the water temperature not higher than 80°C.

Autumn teas

In the autumn it is important to resist colds and prepare yourself for the winter. And yet autumn is the time for Golden harvest sea buckthorn. Tea with this berry has healing properties and helps boost the immune system.

You will need: a Cup of berries, a few tablespoons of honey, Chinese black tea.

Sea-buckthorn berries to grind into a puree and pour hot water (95°C) together with black tea leaves. Let the mixture steep for 10-15 minutes. When the tea will absorb the benefits and aroma of sea buckthorn, it can be poured into cups and add honey to taste.

For each season you can find a special tea recipes that elevate mood, relieve depression and headache, make up for the lack of vitamins or are a welcome coolness.

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