About feeding your baby when he from one to two years

I’m glad that I asked Evgeny Demin to talk about their food. Since then, Jack has already written a few lyrics for “Sotelo!”, and today she tells, what and how to feed my son.

I want to share my experience of feeding your baby aged one to two years, without any claim to the only true food behavior, but with hope for help doubting in this matter.

In my opinion, this age is the most important for the education of gastroplus, and now is the time to enjoy the moment, and to instill healthy habits, while the little kid interacts with the outside world and not

pelmets outsiders “sweets” type of wafers, cookies and chips.

So, in our family, food is not divided into adult and child, we all eat the same thing. Adult food adapted to the needs of the child, which is very convenient because you can cook one dish at all, just podperchivaya his dish in the plate.

The main principle in our diet – eat more pure, natural food and drinking water. With the second more difficult, but we try very hard. For myself, I developed an effective way to drink water. It needs a beautiful glass bottle with good water and a glass from which you can drink water, I have it from fine glass. The principle is this: the bottle stands in a conspicuous place in the room where you most often spend your time (mine is the kitchen and the glass is always filled with water. Drank immediately poured. Water poured only into the bottle is not tempting me, but it should catch eyes for a water-filled glass, and just want to drink. Special programs, bottles all over the house and a lemon to me is not so to stimulate consumption, just as it’s always full glass of water. All ingenious is simple. He drank himself, gave the child.

In my humble opinion the task of the parent during the period: to teach one-year-old child to eat and drink independently. To drink from an ordinary mug, the spoon is the soup itself is krupnosortnyj salad fork. Yes, there will be dirty, but you will have the opportunity to enjoy dinner. Isn’t it a miracle – there is no rush and will not push in the evening.

And I absolutely do not close an approach to “dress up” the food, turning a carrot into a Princess. Food should be food, beautiful, carefully applied, delicious and healthy.

To hide and conspiriacy food – this is not my approach. Spinach should be spinach, and broccoli – broccoli. The child must understand that he is eating and learn to recognize the flavors. The only option where I use food conspiracy – it’s a smoothie! There I hide a lot of Prekrasnoe, like Flaxseed and green that son doesn’t like it much.

The principle of nezapocitane food is still relevant, the baby eats as much as he wanted, but I feed him only at the table exactly three times a day with one snack without odjemalec. To keep the child – the right way to fight off appetite. If the kid refused to offer me the product, I don’t despair and still the next time I offer it to him, without the stigma of “he won’t eat it”. Eats, even as, just haven’t tasted. So we had with avocado, before his baby was spitting up, and now primarily pop out of salad.

It is very important to feel their child and to understand which way of presenting the food he likes, he loves cucumber, whole or in pieces, Apple with peel or slices, the soup with chopped vegetables into cubes or strips.

I try to eliminate or at least minimize the consumption of foods prepared industrially, does not give quick of cereals, juices, fruit factory yogurts, sauces, and more.

If you want snacks and sweets, like candy, cookies or crackers – I cook them myself, but in a healthy twist. Our favorite homemade desserts: coconut, oat or almond cookies, Apple pie, poppy seed cake.

And yet, the age from one to two years is the ideal time to start cooking with the baby! What kids can already at this age? Stir everything with a whisk, for example, dough for pancakes; mix salad, sift the flour, peel the garlic, sculpt cookie, press the button on a stationary blender, grind the spices in a mortar, wipe the table! And again, Yes, there will be dirty, but the delight of a child from an elementary aid to the mother outweigh any frustration from having to disassemble Mamay fight in the kitchen. And you can still play with the kids, spending gastronomic lessons, for example, ask to split the products on sour, sweet, spicy and salty or put them in a secure bag and ask to touch to guess what is hidden.

I don’t calculate the calories, the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates: in my opinion, this is a utopian method, I use quality products and quality combinations.

So, where do we get good products and how to organize their purchase?

On Sundays I figure a rough menu for the week, to understand the list of products and to waste time going to the store only once a week on Monday. It is an ideal to which I strive, but often in stores no products I need, and so you have to spend to buy them more time.

Sample menu allows me to more closely provide for the harmonious combination of products and during the week to make a choice in favor of vegetables, fruits, berries, cottage cheese, fish, whole grain products in the form of buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth and wild rice. So every day I cook new dishes with the right ingredients.

▪ Dairy products I prepare myself from cow’s milk from our neighbor or buy brand “Milk culture” @dairyculture. I love cottage cheese “Ruza”, as its consistency is perfect for cheesecakes and pies.

All of these recommendations work perfectly, when we are at home, but whenever we go to a restaurant to go to relax and the food is modified. To preserve the regime becomes more complicated in the diet and, unfortunately, there is bread, white rice and pasta that is made in all countries of the world and very fond of children and parents who want to eat in peace without screaming and running around. What to order in a restaurant, what to take with you on the train and the plane, and what a long walk is another story and I will definitely write about it.

Here are our favourite items from the standard ration for the day (if we’re not in the journey):

Irish oatmeal

Homemade yogurt with almond biscuits

Fruit salad with sour cream dressing


Dressing cheesecakes

Home farm granola with milk

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