8 recipes for delicious milkshakes

The main heroes of the culinary duel became a well-known singer Janet and the bartender of the pub for Degrees Balling” Vadim Alexeev. And Janet came not alone, but with a charmingthree-year-old daughter Laura. And really, who but a child would be able to assess the most delicious milkshake in the world?

Though, I confess: adult participants and then throwing hungry glances at the big packs of ice cream “20 cents”, unusual packaging with milk “Brest-Litovsk” and fresh frozen black currants from Poltino… The more that all these products should be the very first cocktail master class. So, prepare milkshake with black currants!


– In this milkshake to be simple: milk, cream, berries – and therefore should work just fine, “the bartender of the pub for Degrees Balling” Vadim confidently sends in a blender all the ingredients ( recipes all of our cocktails master class see below – Ed.) .

– And importantly, what kind of milk and ice cream will be the basis of a milkshake? – we are interested in.

Milk is better to take a normal fat content, about 3%, and ice cream – of course, the classic sundae.

Guests please note that on the packaging of milk “Brest-Litovsk” from “Savushkina product indicated an unusual “floating” – fat-3.4 – 4 per cent.

– Brand “Brest-Litovsk” combines natural dairy products with special taste, prepared according to old recipes adapted to modern technologies, – says Deputy General Director of the company “Savushkin product” Elena Babkina. – We have tried to convey to the consumer products, most retaining their original taste and useful properties.

Sour cream, kefir, milk “Brest-Litovsk” in my family very much, ” admitted Janet. “And considering that I live in Belarus, and was born in Lithuania. the range of these products using my special location!

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For cocktails, our partners – the company “Savushkin product” and “Mosproject – provided delicious dairy products, ice cream, juice, and frozen berries TM Poltino. Photo: Paul MARTINCIC

And we support the slogan “the Same taste”! In the line of ice cream “penny theme”, which is also presented on the culinary duel trademark “20 cents”, we managed to recover the traditional recipe of the Soviet time, preserving the taste of your favourite sundae, familiar to all from childhood, ” says the marketing specialist of the company “Mispredict” Catherine the whale. – This ice cream has to appeal and the younger generation, and especially to those nostalgic for the Soviet era to consumers, who remember very well “the same taste” of this natural cream. On consumer recognition of the numerous rewards. So, recently sundae “20 cents” and “28 cents” were awarded the Diploma of the winner in the contest of consumer preferences “Product of the year 2014”, which again suggests that the buyer loves and appreciates our ice cream for the excellent quality and superior taste. Ice cream “20 cents” – it’s only natural ingredients and the benefits of this cream. And, by the way, this is a soft ice cream with a bright creamy taste is not only good in itself, but in the basis of milkshakes.

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